Degrees and Programs

Areas of Study for Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees

12 Areas of Study, Countless Possibilities…

Associate and Bachelor's degrees at Empire State College are organized into 12 areas of study that are designed to provide maximum flexibility within a broad but unifying framework.

Create a degree program that is right for you — innovative or traditional. Either way, you work closely with your faculty mentor to ensure your degree meets your goals and the college's academic requirements.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is also available for registered nurses (RN) who hold an associate degree or nursing diploma.

The Arts
studies in fine arts, performing arts, art history and arts management
Business, Management and Economics
studies in accounting, business administration, management, economics, human resources and marketing
Community and Human Services
studies in human behavior, counseling, health/mental health, criminal justice, administration, management and human service policy history
Cultural Studies
studies in communications, creative writing, journalism, language, literature, philosophy and religious studies
Educational Studies
studies in history, American education and education policy (teaching certification is available only on the master's level)
Historical Studies
studies in social; political; religious; economic; Western civilization; American, Far Eastern and other world and regional histories
Human Development
studies in psychology, human behavior, child development and gerontology
Interdisciplinary Programs
studies from the other areas listed above, or exploration of themes from different disciplinary perspectives
Labor Studies
studies in labor unions, labor organizations, labor history and philosophy
Public Affairs
studies in public administration, public policy, public communications and other fields related to public affairs such as criminal justice, homeland security, health policy and emergency management
Science, Mathematics and Technology
studies in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, information systems, environmental science and health science
Social Science
studies in social theory, sociology, social movements, society and culture, anthropology, social problems, poverty, global social and economic issues

Note: The college does not offer undergraduate programs leading to professional licensure or certification.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Undergraduate certificates provide focused study to support a specific career interest and are applicable to at least one undergraduate area of study. Associate and bachelor's degree program plans may include a certificate.

Current Certificates

How to Enroll in a Certificate Program

Current Empire State College Students

Certificate requests can be submitted to the registrar's office upon approval by your faculty mentor. Certificate requests are available on the corresponding webpage for each program. If you are not currently enrolled, you can still register for a certificate program. Apply onlinefor the certificate program only. Select the certificate option.

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