Degrees and Programs

Cultural Studies

In Cultural Studies you explore the ways in which human beings understand, organize and communicate their world. Your concentration can be in:

  • traditional humanities disciplines such as literature or philosophy
  • professional fields such as communications or journalism
  • interdisciplinary areas such as American studies, ethnicity or global studies

Whatever concentration you choose, you develop skills in writing and research, critical reading and thinking, and cross-cultural understanding. You study and analyze philosophical, literary and artistic expressions across cultures, social structures and belief systems, and cross-cultural and historical perspectives on such issues as ethics, gender, class and race. You can sharpen your communication skills, increase your awareness or change your view of the world.

Popular Concentrations in Cultural Studies

  • communications
  • journalism
  • philosophy
  • religious studies
  • writing and literature
  • women's studies
  • African-American studies
  • American studies
  • world languages and literature
  • area studies (Asian, African, Caribbean)

Why choose a degree in Cultural Studies?

Students use the critical and analytic skills developed through work in this area of study to prepare well for graduate school entrance exams such as the GRE and the LSAT for law school, or for entry into a variety of fields, from business to government.

Sample Degree Programs

SUNY Empire State College students work closely with their mentors to design their own degree programs.

These sample degree program plans illustrate the degree program format and provide examples of some different types of individualized degree programs.