Degrees and Programs

Interdisciplinary Studies

In Interdisciplinary Studies, you design a degree that combines elements from more than one of the college's 12 areas of study. This enables you to examine a theme, problem, profession or topic, using work from several disciplines.

For example, your concentration could be in:

  • criminal justice by combining
    • Community and Human Services
    • Social Science
  • women's health by combining
    • Science, Mathematics and Technology
    • Community and Human Service
    • Human Development
    • Cultural Studies
  • environmental studies by combining
    • Science, Mathematics and Technology
    • Community and Human Services
    • Business, Management and Economics
    • Cultural Studies

Popular Concentrations in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • arts management
  • criminal justice
  • culinary education studies
  • environmental studies
  • holistic health
  • international studies
  • women's health

Why choose a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies?

Students choose Interdisciplinary Studies in order to explore particular area of interest from more than one perspective. They wish to examine an issue, concern or field from several different contexts, discovering the interconnected relationships that exist, and integrating the various ideas into an overarching theme.

Sample Degree Programs

SUNY Empire State College students work closely with their mentors to design their own degree programs.

These sample degree program plans illustrate the degree program format and provide examples of some different types of individualized degree programs.