Social Science

A program in Social Science lets you examine the interaction of social, political and economic structures, their history and how they affect us. You explore theories, methods and problems addressed by such fields as anthropology, political science and sociology.

Your studies will help you develop your abilities to use theories and concepts to:

  • identify and analyze social issues of critical concern for modern society
  • understand them in a historical context
  • develop policies to address those issues
  • communicate your ideas effectively

Popular Concentrations in Social Science

  • African-American or ethnic studies
  • sociology
  • social theory
  • public policy
  • political science
  • women's studies

Why choose a degree in Social Science?

Graduates with a degree in this area of study work in a range of social service agencies, social ministry, policy arenas or pursue a higher degree in the social sciences or social work.

Sample Degree Programs

The following sample degree programs illustrate what a degree program might look like. As a student, you will work with a mentor to design a degree plan that meets your educational goals.