Open SUNY and Empire State College

The goal of Open SUNY is to help more students complete college degrees through online study, an approach to learning Empire State College has offered for two decades.

A charter member of the SUNY Learning Network, the college is an internationally known leader in open adult education and online course delivery.

We have one of the largest inventories of online offerings of any SUNY institution. See a complete listing of our more than 400 undergraduate online courses.

As an Empire State College student, you will have a faculty mentor who will work with you from your first enrollment through graduation.

Why Open SUNY Plus?

Enrolling through Open SUNY Plus, you also will have access to additional support from SUNY, which may enhance your learning experience.

Empire State College has taken a lead role in the systemwide Open SUNY Plus initiative, offering two of the eight degrees to be offered in the initial roll-out of the program.

Bachelor of Science in Business, Management and Economics with a concentration in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Science, Mathematics and Technology with a concentration in Information Systems